3 Tips For Instantly Healthier Locs

Do these 3 simple things now to acheive instantly healthier locs, without spending a dime.


One of the beauties of having locs is that we don’t need to make things complex. Locs perform best when there is less manipulation. In other words, leave your locs alone! Keep your routine simple. Keep your styles simple. Train your mind to make maintaining your locs an enjoyable experience. Don’t think of it as a chore or something you dread doing. It’s more important to maintain your locs’ long-term health, than risking its health for a temporary style.



When your roots have grown out its tempting to want to visit a loctician and have them retwist and style your locs, or even do them yourself. However, too much styling can lead to thinning and breakage. If you do a fresh retwist, consider foregoing styling until your scalp has had a chance to recover from the tight twisting. Give it a week or 2 before doing any intricate styles, or before curling or braiding them. Try to avoid leaving your braided locs or styles in too long, as this can cause prolonged tension and damage on your scalp.



It’s no secret locs tend to be more dry than other natural hairstyles. One of the most important things you can do right now, is hydrate your locs. Seriously, get up now and add some hydration. Get a spritzer bottle, fill it with water and spritz your roots lightly. Our Loc Conditioning Mist is a super-lightweight, aloe vera based leave-in, infused with Morroccan argan oil. It conditions and hydrates without causing buildup or leaving behind residue (and it smells like a tropical dream). As cliché as it sounds, DRINK WATER. I aim for a gallon a day, but with my lifestyle and sometimes flat out laziness, it doesn’t always happen. The days I don’t reach a gallon or close to it, I feel the effects. My mood is different, my energy levels are different and my skin, lips, & hair are more dry. Go hydrate!

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