Brand Ambassadors

Kai Elements Brand Ambassador Program Expectations

  • Use Kai Elements products and post videos and pictures on social media platforms. Feel free to post on whatever social media platform works best for you, however IG and Tik Tok are a focus for us currently.

  • Show and tell what you like about Kai Elements products, packaging, website, customer service, shipping, etc.

  • We are currently very focused on IG Reel videos. IG reels have very high engagement and we are finding people prefer the Reels approach. IG tv videos, Youtube, Tik Tok and regular videos are fine too.

  • Tag our social media accounts. Currently focusing on IG @kai.elements and Tik Tok, however all social media mentions and tags are encouraged. Our hashtag is #kaielements

  • Create an IG post within 30 days of receiving your Brand Ambassador kit. Unboxing videos can be one of your 1st posts!

  • If chosen you will create your own unique code to give your followers using our brand ambassador portal, where you can also keep track of your referrals and get paid. 

  • Our current commission rate is 10% of each successful order. This rate may change on a case-by-case basis.

  • Kai Elements Brand Ambassador kit will include all physical products offered on the website (There is also a new loc, beard, and skin elixir, as well as lip balm that will be included). You will be asked to purchase your kit at $20 which will cover shipping and show you are truly interested in helping us grow.

Be yourself, don’t feel pressured to over-produce content, and be creative! 

Applying is easy. Send an email to with your name and social media handles. Let us know if you have tried our products before, and anything else you want us to know in the email. We will review your social media and only respond if chosen. Applicants will be chosen within 1-2 weeks. Please, no follow-up emails. If you are not chosen, please don’t be discouraged! We are still a very small company and can not choose all applicants. We have to be very strategic in our operations and hope to expand to be able to take on more Ambassadors in the near future!

Thank you all for supporting us, we’re excited to have you be a part of the Kai Elements Family!