About Us


black mom with locs

Founder & Son

From childhood, I was a product of warped beauty standards and the only way anyone wanted to "deal" with my hair was if it was relaxed or pressed. As a child with "nappy" 4C type hair, the things I would be told by family members & peers was heartbreaking and traumatic. I desired to be like the "ideal" beauty standard with long, straight, hair. I allowed people to convince me that the hair that grew from my head wasn't good enough. It needed to be "fixed," and I carried that notion well into my early adult years.

Shortly after moving to Tampa from St. Louis, I earned a BA in Communications, graduating while 7 months pregnant with my Son Kai, the name & inspiration behind the brand. Kai in many cultures means “ocean” which represents endless possibility, tranquility, strength, & power. There was no doubt that this company would also bear those same representations. 

Years before the birth of Kai, I started to lose my hair in patches after being serviced by an unlicensed hairdresser. I was forced to cut off most of my hair and struggled for years to regain my tresses and confidence. Upon Kai's arrival, I made the life altering decision to loc my hair.

I initially struggled with my locs, partly due to the trials that come with having a newborn. I was exhausted from exclusively breastfeeding and a serious lack of sleep. Plus, lack of loc education & products for loc care. Early on in my journey, I incorporated loc extensions due to my self-consciousness about the short length and not wanting to go through what many call the "ugly" stage. The extensions were terrible, scraggly, and fell out constantly. I eventually allowed my natural locs to grow without them.

For years I scoured through loc forums, Youtube, hashtags, & Google, to try remedies that were more detrimental to the health of my hair than helpful. I started to notice buildup that formed from shampoos and heavy cream conditioners, not made with my locs in mind. Nothing on the market was geared toward the maintenance of locs that actually worked, thus spawning the birth of KAI ELEMENTS.


Inspire others to be revolutionary and express themselves through the artform of hair. Produce natural, effective products for loc’d & natural hair, while showcasing the beauty, freedom, & power that accompanies our lifestyle


Revolutionize beauty through natural care products and empower people to live freely as themselves. We plan to use our success and platform to create opportunities for marginalized youth, other emerging brands, & Black creatives.