The Benefits of Our Ultimate Loc Care Collection

Allow me to introduce the Ultimate Loc Care Collection! What can our products do for you? Find out now!

🌱Promotes Growth 

🌱Deep Moisture

🌱Provides Strength

🌱Combats Itchiness

🌱Restores Shine

🌱Removes Build-Up

🌱Residue Free

🌱Prevents Dryness


🧼Detoxifying Loc Cleanse

🌱Key Benefits – Refreshing Peppermint & Tea Tree cleanser targets itching and removes buildup, while providing an invigorating and soothing deep cleanse.

The Aloe Vera based cleanser doesn’t strip your hair of natural essentials and promotes strong, healthy hair.

💦Loc Conditioning Mist

🌱Key Benefits – Tropical scented, lightweight, leave-in mist with Moroccan Argan Oil conditions strands and provides serious moisture without leaving residue or causing buildup.

Luxurious Aloe Vera based formula will virtually melt into your scalp and strands providing optimum moisture penetration.

🔒Loc Moisture-Seal Elixir

🌱Key Benefits – This organic elixir made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary & more, seals in moisture while promoting hair growth, adding strength, and giving hair a lustrous shine!

The lasting tropical scent will be sure to delight yours and everyone elses senses.


Our products can be used for all hair kinky, coily, curly hair types!

Our products are formulated using a carefully selected combination of non-toxic, natural, and organic ingredients.

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